Zoo labs

The rules we had to follow

Stay as quiet as we can

Sit really still 

If you touch any animals no fingers near face and wash hands after 

shell turns white as it gets older 2 yrs old live to about 10 grow to size of rugby ball 

The happier he is the more his eyes come out 

Eat fruit vegetables and green grass 

Grow to bout 17 inches long 
Praying mantis 

6 mths old fully grown in 1 year 
Sunny the corn snake she could pull herself up with her tail

Eats mice , birds lizards n eggs in wild 

Sheds her skin to grow bigger

6 years old but can live to 15,

She’s fully grown
Toothless the bearded dragon

Really good pets

From Australia red hot desert which is why they are thiscolour

When he’s scared and annoyed he puffs out his beard which goes jet black  
Max the Millipede

detritivore eats rotten fruit and veg 

He then Creates more soil 

Rosie the  Tarantula venomous bites if scared 
Aren’t the best climbers makes their nest on the ground and can’t jump 

They can bite but as a last result , they flick their bristles which feels like nettle sting and lasts for a week 

She eats locusts and crickets 
Ebony the Rat eats anything 18mths old she will live 3-4 yrs 

Very intelligent 

Cleans herself after we touch her 
We learnt an awful lot today so we must say a big thank you to James